The Biden-Harris “Soul of the Nation” bus tour recently passed through Colorado. 

Few noticed and it didn’t make many headlines because neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris were on board, just a surrogate politico who passed out signs, stickers and propaganda for the Democrat Party.

We searched through what little media coverage we could find of the actual bus used for the tour and what type of fuel it burned to drive a bus without candidates across the country.

Is it powered by natural gas manufactured when Biden was for or against fracking?

More than likely it’s running on old fashioned diesel fuel since as it requires regular refueling on the road.

It appears no one in the media has bothered to even ask, which is interesting considering oil and gas are major issues in the campaign.

Unless that’s why they’re not asking, because oil and gas are major issues that keep tripping up Joe Biden, and John Hickenlooper in Colorado.