U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner called out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for the social media company’s arbitrary guidelines when it comes to censorship and flagging tweets as misinformation.

During a Senate hearing on Big Tech censorship this week, Gardner asked a disheveled Dorsey why Twitter chose to censor some of President Trump’s tweets, but let pass a tweet from the Iranian Ayatollah denying the Holocaust occurred.

Dorsey told Gardner Holocaust denial is just misinformation, but not the type of misinformation Twitter censors:

We have a policy against misinformation in three categories, which are manipulated media; public health, specifically COVID; and civic integrity, election interference and voter suppression. That is all we have a policy on for misleading information. We do not have a policy or enforcement for any other types of misleading information you mentioned.

Gardner shot back at Dorsey:

It’s strange to me that you’ve flagged the tweets from the president, but haven’t hidden the Ayatollah’s tweets on Holocaust denial and calls to wipe Israel off the map.

Gardner joined Fox and Friends Thursday to discuss the hearing Thursday and blasted Dorsey’s completely arbitrary policy on censorship.

It is worth taking the time to watch Gardner’s grilling of Dorsey in its entirety.

We only wish Gardner had a little more time to ask Dorsey why he decided to show up to a Senate hearing looking like he hadn’t showered in weeks.

Surely a billionaire like Dorsey could have afforded a haircut and a suit before taking the stand, but maybe he was just too busy trying to figure out which one of President Trump’s tweets he was going to censor next.