Big Green must be giving Democrats a pass this election for their indecisiveness on fracking and waffling on support for the Green New Deal.

How else to explain the blind eye environmentalists have turned towards Joe Biden for pledging to ban fracking before he got the Democrats’ nomination for president, and his denial now he ever said such a thing?

John Hickenlooper’s record on fracking is the reverse. He claimed to support Colorado’s key industry as governor, but running for the U.S. Senate he seems to no longer care about our economy and jobs.

Hickenlooper now says he wants to make fracking obsolete. 

Both candidates are running from any tie to the Green New Deal, a trend Environment and Energy News reports has caught on with Democrats across the country.

It’s unlikely Democrats disagree with the contents of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s radical legislation. As a political phrase, the Green New Deal has become vilified and probably isn’t polling well.

So have the hundreds of climate change and environmental groups in Colorado suddenly gone quiet, or are Democrats and the media just ignoring them?

Democrats are either giving their candidates a pass because the issues are no longer that important, or their priorities are just shifting.

Rioting for racial justice this summer outranked concerns that mobs of people are super spreaders contributing to the global pandemic.

Overall, it appears that shutting down the economy, mandating masks, and defunding police to make way for mob rule are just more important to Democrats this election cycle than the destruction of the planet.