Why are the media so quick to believe Democrats when they accuse Republicans of wanting to kill people by taking away their health insurance, specifically Obamacare?

More importantly, why would voters believe it?

It’s only been 10 years since a Democrat-controlled Senate rammed Obamacare through without reading it.

It’s hard to believe voters have already forgotten the thousands of dollars in fines they had to pay if they didn’t buy into the government health care racket — fines that a Republican-controlled Senate and President Trump eliminated.

It’s hard to believe voters already forgot health insurance was sold on the open market and anyone could buy it for a quarter of what it costs now, and with a realistic deductible.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Obamacare is not health care insurance, it’s like auto insurance — it’s only usable when the vehicle is wrecked and the final bill is tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s of no use at all when deductibles are unreachable and outrageously highly.

When did we get scared about losing something as completely useless as Obamacare?

No elected official wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions, and yet Democrats with their friends in the media are trying to convince voters that’s what U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is trying to do.

Gardner introduced a bill specifically stating insurance companies cannot deny service based on pre-existing conditions. 

Gardner’s own mother,  a cancer survivor, vouched for her son and assured voters he did not want his own mother denied health insurance.

Democrats called them liars. Not only do Republicans want to kill people, they want to kill their own mothers, they would argue.

Voters should ask themselves what it is about Obamacare they actually like. It’s not the cost, it’s not the coverage, it’s that pre-existing conditions are covered.

John Hickenlooper wants to keep the whole useless package. Gardner wants to peel off what works — primarily pre-existing condition coverage — and dump the rest.

Democrats are big into scaring voters this election season, maybe because Election Day falls so soon after Halloween.

But don’t let Democrats scare you this time into voting for someone because they are promising to support a health care system you forgot you hated.