Colorado is off its meds.

Of all the crazy that voters fell for this election cycle — and there’s a lot of insanity in how the state swung — electing Democrat John Hickenlooper to a Republican-controlled Senate might be the loopiest.

It looked late Tuesday like Republicans held control in the U.S. Senate by four seats. 

It still looks that way Wednesday, but the media won’t call numerous states were Republicans are leading in Senate races, because the presidential races are still a toss-up.

Where is stands now, Colorado Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner lost to Hickenlooper and Arizona Republican U.S. Sen. Martha McSally lost to Democrat Mark Kelly.

However, Republicans picked up a seat in Alabama where they knocked off Democrat Doug Jones.

Republican incumbents are leading in several states that have yet to be called including Susan Collins of Maine, John James of Michigan, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Dan Sullivan of Alaska.

Then there’s the special election in Georgia that won’t happen for months, but is likely to remain Republican.

The U.S. Senate hasn’t been called for Republicans, but it sure looks Republican. 

And Colorado will be sending two Democrats to the Senate’s new session that begins in January.

With fellow Democrat slacker U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet by Hickenlooper’s side, Colorado will have zero representation, voice, or power to benefit our state.

Voters knew how hard Gardner worked for them in his first six-year-term. They knew the accomplishments, the extra federal funding, the jobs Gardner brought.

They just didn’t care. 

Too many voters threw temper tantrums over the latest Twitter trigger from the mean orange man, and anyone who dared work with the president of the United States to the benefit of all their constituents had to go.

By refusing to give Gardner a second term, it looks like Colorado threw the baby out with the bathwater.