Nancy Pelosi is having a horrible week, Republicans will be pleased to learn, because identity politics did not exactly play out at the polls out as Democrats hoped. 

That blue wave pollsters predicted? Turned out to be more of a puddle splash.

Two years after Democrats celebrated another “Year of the Woman,” Republicans are having a historic moment of their own.

House Republicans are poised to add at least 13 women — if not more — to their depleted ranks next year after a record-breaking recruitment effort.

Adding to those ranks is Colorado’s Lauren Boebert.

She beat incumbent Republican Congressman Scott Tipton in the primary, but held the 3rd Congressional District against perennial Democratic candidate Diane Mitsch Bush.

Numerous other congressional races are held up in the presidential counts, but when all is said and done, the GOP Women’s caucus could number up to 33.

But wait, there’s more bad news for Pelosi.

Despite predictions of a blue wave in the House with Democrat gains of 10 to 20 seats, Democrats are dwindling in numbers.

By Wednesday afternoon, Republicans had already flipped seven seats and top lawmakers projected they would take out additional Democratic frontliners as the races continue to be called.

The seven Democrats defeated included U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala of Florida who served as former President Clinton’s Health and Human Services secretary.

From the Associated Press:

Democrats’ setbacks were measured not just by seats they lost but by districts they failed to capture.

Democrats lost a majority Hispanic district in West Texas they expected to win after the GOP incumbent retired. And they lost a series of what seemed coin-flip races, failing to defeat GOP incumbents in Cincinnati, rural Illinois, central Virginia and the suburbs of St. Louis and several districts in Texas.

Democrats are still favored to keep the House by a slimmer margin, the media reports, but still it’s fun to watch them squirm as Republicans are already plotting their takeover in 2022.