Republican Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert says no governor has the right to tell anyone they can’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and she’s right.

Governor’s can’t technically cancel a holiday, but Jared Polis is leading the way for public officials to regulate residents into submission.

The Polis administration ordered Oct. 23 that personal gatherings be limited to 10 people from no more than two households, because COVID.

As for Thanksgiving, Polis says we should only celebrate with our own household, which we do every night — it’s called dinner.

Only once a year on the third Thursday of November do we gather with friends and family to feast and give thanks — it’s called Thanksgiving.

Polis recommends we gather on Zoom or various other technological applications — that’s called work.

“Let’s stop this bloodshed,” Polis said. “All that’s being asked of you is to cancel your social plans with people outside your household the next few weeks. You can do that.”


“It’s not about enforcement… the Grim Reaper is the ultimate enforcer. More Coloradans will die if Coloradans don’t simply cancel their social plans and wear masks in public and I know that we can do it,” Polis said.

But we digress.

New York Gov. Cuomo this week followed Polis’s lead and limited all gatherings to 10 people and initiated a 10 p.m. curfew. New Yorkers are furious their Democrat leader is trying to cancel Thanksgiving.

Then this happened:

There’s a bragging point for far-left liberals — New York and Chicago are following Colorado’s lead on governing during COVID.

Boebert’s tweet calling out governors who try and cancel Thanksgiving brought an unexpected reaction from the unity party:

A lot of supporters thanked her for saying what needed to be said, others tried to pick a nit and argued Polis didn’t officially cancel Thanksgiving so shut up.

So much hate.

Friends and families might not be allowed to gather for Thanksgiving, but we hear a lot of Peaceful Protests™ are planned at homes across Colorado, where turkey will also be served.