Gov. Polis took COVID panic hyperbole to a new low when he accused Coloradans of trying to kill grandma if they insist on holdingThanksgiving dinner for the extended family.

Polis’s dramatic warning comes just one week after Democrats took to the streets by the thousands to celebrate after the media called the presidential race for Joe Biden.

During a press conference on Friday Polis blamed Halloween gatherings for the recent increase in COVID cases, but made no mention of Democrats merely a week ago turning downtown Denver and Boulder into a raging frat party.

Taking Polis literally, it would appear he’s fine with Democrats putting a loaded pistol to Grandma’s head so long as they’re celebrating their party’s election.

Polis’s tone deaf remarks follow revelations this week the state health department is deleting potentially embarrassing COVID-related emails every 30 days.

It takes tremendous chutzpah for Polis to lecture anyone about rising COVID cases and putting a gun to “grandma’s head” when his own administration is purging emails about the state’s response to protecting grandma and all Coloradans.

Polis’s selective condemnations and ridiculous warnings are sure to only increase Coloradans’ distrust of an administration actively sabotaging efforts to increase transparency and accountability within state government.