U.S. Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert from the Western Slope spoke at the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Boebert addressed the importance of preserving 2nd Amendment gun rights, unintentionally foreshadowing the violent attacks on attendees that would come later that evening.

It was a peaceful protest attended by tens of thousands of Republican voters to support President Trump, until darkness fell over roving bands of Peaceful Protestor™ thugs who assaulted and harassed women, children, and the elderly Americans attending the rally.

The behavior of those Democrat Party operatives was beyond shameful.

That was a common theme we saw in numerous video clips. 

Democrat political activists marching through the streets shouting through bullhorns to get the f@(k out of America’s capitol city.

And go where? To waiting trains where Republican voters would be whisked away to reeducation camps, or worse?

The violent activists called women whores, destroyed merchant stands, stalked elderly couples like wolves that had separated their prey from the pack.

There were fist fights, fireworks shot at outdoor diners.

And for what reason? Because the rally attendees didn’t belong to the correct political party and vote for Dear Leader?

Democrats need to get their fascist antifascists under control before the brown black shirt-wearing rioters completely take over the party.

Most Republicans are already easily identifiable by the red stars on their shirts and American flags that mark their property.

And we know how that story ends.

The fascist antifascists were burning American flags on Saturday. How long before they’re burning the U.S. Constitution?