The national media are so predictable.

Alan Fram of the Associated Press would never have given the new U.S. Representative from western Colorado a second look if it was a Republican male who supported 2nd Amendment rights and carried a gun.

Fram doesn’t give two figs about Lauren Boebert, zero interest in what legislation she might introduce or her millennial vision for the future — only far lefty women like AOC merit that kind of attention.

He doesn’t even care Boebert may or may not have even asked Capitol Hill Police about carrying her weapon on Capitol grounds, as he claims in this so-called feature article citing two unnamed sources.

Fram’s agenda, after explaining how it’s perfectly legal for lawmakers to pack weapons in their office and in the Capitol, is that it should no longer be legal.

It’s outdated and risky, he gets a Democrat lawmaker to try and explain.

You know what else is outdated and risky? 

Media advocacy for the suspension of 2nd Amendment rights, this time for elected officials who just happen to be mostly Republicans, to protect themselves and their staff.

At least he had the decency to refrain from smugly suggesting she trade in her pistol for a rape whistle.