Gov. Polis can’t catch a break.

No matter how many churches, restaurants and classrooms closed by his color-coded crisis wheel, Coloradans keep catching the COVID.

Adding insult to injury, Denver Mayor Hancock played along with Polis’s Code Red shutdowns just long enough to get a plane ticket to Mississippi for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hancock literally flew the COVID coop and left the rest of Colorado behind to spend Thanksgiving with Polis at the kiddy table from Hell.

Spend supper with Polis if you must.

We’re going to the In-N-Out Burger in Aurora, where the line should be down to a six-hour wait.

UPDATED: Gov. Polis announced just before midnight Thanksgiving Eve he encountered that statistic wherein 1 in 41 Coloradans are infected with the COVID.

Polis tested negative for the virus, but he’s still going to quarantine through the holiday according to CDC standards with his immediate family. Coincidently, that’s what he planned to do, anyway.

He said he would be spending Thanksgiving only with immediate family members in his household and urged Coloradans to do the same.

So now we’re all quarantined with Polis?

We should have followed Hancock onto the plane.