DPS School board member Tay Anderson announced last week he was cancelling his Thanksgiving plans and would instead cook dinner with his brother.

9 News host Kyle Clark replied he looked forward to reading about any problems Anderson had right here on Peak Politics.

Well Kyle, ask and you shall receive.

It turns out Anderson did encounter problems preparing Thanksgiving dinner with his brother.

Namely, Anderson lamented that his brother instead chose to celebrate Thanksgiving with a white woman.

Anderson subsequently deleted the tweet, but not before a few eagle eyed users rightly questioned why it would be hurtful for Anderson to have a family member celebrate Thanksgiving with someone of a different race.

The deleted tweet followed earlier statements upbraiding Mayor Hancock for hypocritically traveling over Thanksgiving

Hancock’s blunder should have been a PR gift for Anderson considering he’s embroiled in a dispute with the mayor over the search for a new superintendent.

As it turns out, Anderson just couldn’t help himself and had to rip off a few racist tweets to highlight just how extreme and incompetent the Denver School Board has become.

The real question now is whether the Colorado press corps will muster the courage to have their own Sista Soulja moment and report on a prominent elected Democrat dropping some casual racism on Thanksgiving.