Only counties agreeing to police and punish those who don’t abide by Emperor Polis’s COVID-19 lockdown regulations will be eligible for $57 million in emergency funding to deal with the ongoing economic disaster that’s resulted from Polis’s rule.

The Colorado Sun reports on the mandate put in motion by the state legislature as lawmakers’ way of mandating compliance.

It’s reminiscent of how North Korea would operate, minus the taxpayer dollar reward for operating a compliant police state.

Here’s who fits the bill, literally, to reap these millions lawmakers earmarked during a three-day special session this week.

You are eligible if:

“The county’s good-faith efforts to enforce or promote compliance with applicable executive and public health orders within the scope of its authority and in consideration of available resources, including engaging law enforcement to enforce executive and public health order violations …” 

This isn’t just Democrats making counties follow the governor’s executive orders. The Senate bill is, gasp, bipartisan.

Sponsors are Sens. Faith Winters, Democrat, Republican Kevin Priola, and Reps. Leslie Herod, Democrat and Republican Shane Sandridge.

Lawmakers are also talking about excluding funding in other measures from counties that don’t comply with the COVID wheel of closures. 

The obvious target is Weld County. Residents are being punished for voting for conservative, small-government Republicans who aren’t inclined to arrest office workers for busting the 10% capacity cap or fining residents at an outdoor event that tips the 25% cap.

We’re betting Denver gets a pass, even though Mayor Hancock clearly broke the stay-at-home rule.