Cory Gardner struck a positive and bipartisan tone in his farewell speech earlier this week urging his colleagues to find solutions to shared challenges in Congress.

To my staff I often talk about this challenge as being one of the pillar and the paint. The pillars in the building are more than just ornamental – they are structurally necessary to the building itself. The pillars are our principles. They make us who we are. But the paint color, the details, we can figure that out together. We can respect the pillar and find agreement on the paint. We can hold people’s principles in place, respecting those core beliefs that make you who you are, while finding ways to work together to find solutions to common challenges.

Gardner’s call to unity fell on deaf ears among Hickenlooper’s former campaign staff, who childishly used the occasion to mock the outgoing Senator.

Joining in on the Zoom were former Hickenlooper campaign staffers Nico Delgado, Ammar Moussa, Alyssa Roberts, and Melissa Miller.

Moussa has since moved on to shill for Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is locked in a runoff Jan. 5 against incumbent U.S. Sen. David Perdue.

We’re glad Moussa found time to tune in amid a particularly tumultuous week for a campaign besieged by revelations they failed to disclose payments the woke trust-funder received from a Chinese Communist Party-linked conglomerate in Hong Hong.

Hopefully Gardner’s uplifting speech offered some brief respite for Moussa, as he no doubt brainstorms excuses for their upcoming loss.

All things considered, getting on a Zoom to mock a nonpartisan speech was hardly the most embarrassing misstep for the Hickenlooper campaign this cycle, but it does say something about these individuals as people.