Colorado had a good week in the war against COVID-19, but you wouldn’t know it by all the moaning and complaining from Gov. Polis who just had to find a nit to pick with the Trump administration.

The good news, the Thanksgiving spike never occurred, case numbers are dropping rapidly along with the burden on hospitals.

And to top it off, 46,800 vaccines were delivered last week to inoculate medical workers and those at risk against the virus. 

So what is his Lordship bitching about?

Polis thought the state would get 67,860 Pfizer doses this week, but the next shipment will number 39,780 doses.

“I really call upon the federal government to get the vaccines out — Pfizer said they’re sitting in a warehouse, awaiting shipping instructions,” Polis said. “The federal government needs to get them instructions today.”

That would seem like an offense worthy of complaint, except Pfizer says the same numbers are coming as expected, just not all in one day.

Plus, we’re also getting 95,600 doses of Moderna this week

So not only will Colorado get 135,380 total vaccine doses this week, but we also still have 34,677 doses left over from last week.

That’s because out of the 46,800 doses we received last week, only 12,123 people have so far been vaccinated.

We’re only guessing Colorado has a capacity to store 135,380 doses. It doesn’t appear we have the medical manpower or the patients lined up to dispense that many vaccines in one week.

So at this rate, Colorado won’t even miss those 28,000 Pfizer doses if they arrive later this week or next month. Or next year.

At this rate, the vaccines Colorado is getting this week would be enough to administer shots for the next 11 weeks through March 7.