An elected town official threatened to shoot protestors who rallied to support a Lyons restaurant owner whose inventory was confiscated by state officials because he refused to follow shut-down orders created by Gov. Polis’s new Red Zone rules.

Wendy Miller, a member of the town Board of Trustees, texted Lyons Den Restaurant and Taphouse owner Randall Yarbrough during a council meeting as they suspended the taphouse’s liquor and business license for continuing to offer dine-in service to customers.

Miller was angry at the small business owner for refusing to follow the governor’s random orders and doubly incensed that supporters planned to rally on the same day as a fundraiser was scheduled by another business for the town’s fire protection district.

Miller’s home is also across the street from the restaurant.

Complete Colorado’s Page Two obtained the texts:

“I swear to GOD if one person sets foot on my property in an aggressive manner, I WILL SHOOT THEM because IT’S MY RIGHT,” Miller said.

Here’s the rest of the profanity-filled message:

Yarbrough changed the date of his rally from Friday to Sunday so it would not conflict with the fundraiser, but the organizers cancelled their event anyway.

We told PeakNation™ earlier this month about the restaurant raid in which state Revenue Department officials confiscated about $5,000 worth of alcohol from the restaurant without a warrant for refusing to follow “Red Zone” rules Polis had created just days before. 

From Complete Colorado:

Yarbrough has plans to reopen the week of Christmas and continue to fight. He is in the process of filing several legal suits against everyone from health department officials to Lyons town officials to Governor Polis.


“The majority of my business is summer and spring tourism,” he said. “I have about 50 percent of the town’s loyalty. The other 50 percent has never come in or even attempted to meet us, they just hide behind their computers and say ugly things about us on social media.”