Earlier this month we took a look at the lack of media coverage about the circumstances that led to Gov. Polis and his husband Marlon Reis contracting COVID.

It certainly took long enough, but now at least one news website is beginning to ask more questions.

Reporters from the Colorado Sun queried Polis’s official calendar from the day he was exposed.

The governor’s office refused an interview, and his calendar shows only virtual meetings on the day in question with no staff present.

What we know is the governor likely was exposed by a staffer who tested positive. On the day in question, the governor’s calendar lists more than a dozen events and none of them were in person, said Conor Cahill, the governor’s press secretary. Cahill added that when the governor does remote events, his staff is not present.


So the limited new information does not reveal how Polis was exposed — whether he violated his own protocols or something else.

Obviously this makes it difficult to discern whether Polis and the First Gentlemen were negligent, or whether they contracted the virus by chance.

The governor’s office blaming a staff member for the COVID exposure without offering further details makes one wonder whether the governor is simply attempting to deflect attention away from himself and his family.

Either way when compared to the myriad of stories about President Trump’s diagnosis, the media’s comparative disinterest in Polis as he continues to stonewall reporters is a double standard that shouldn’t be ignored.