Times are tough for Colorado’s ski resorts, so Vice President Pence’s holiday vacation in the Vail area should be good publicity and reassure tourists that holiday travel can be safe when traveling with family or your regular entourage. 

Or, it could be an opportunity for Democrats to show how unwelcome Republicans have become in the Vail Valley.

Which is what Democrat state Rep. Kerry Donovan is doing on Twitter in trashing her local economy that depends on tourism by trashing the VIP tourist who dares spend Christmas in Edwards her hometown.

Donovan first blamed Pence for canceling bar music during apres’ ski, because she needs her tunes while she’s chugging beer and arguing gun control with the sheriff.


That was her first priority, bars, which Gov. Polis is to blame for closing, by the way.

Donovan then got all pissy with the second-most powerful man in the nation because her event promoter buddy had to lay off workers cause he couldn’t produce any more events where she could drink beer.

Again, the fault of her own leader, Gov. Polis.

When Donovan was finished complaining about having nowhere to party, she turned her blurred attention to decreased enrollment in schools and tried to blame the Veep for that, too.

She’s either being deceitful or she’s just ignorant.

Locally elected school boards in each county call the shots on at-home learning, which has pushed parents to homeschool, form pods, or switch to private schools.

All of this, Donovan blames Pence for not taking seriously a year ago.

It may seem like it’s been a year, Donovan, but last Christmas Vail wasn’t begging for relief from Polis’s color-coded wheel of COVID that is crippling small businesses that support the mountain.

Instead of embarrassing her tourist-dependent town, Donovan should pay more attention to the hundreds of executive orders she and the Democrat-controlled legislature are permitting Polis to pass without any oversight whatsoever.