Did Leroy Garcia receive special treatment as president of the Colorado Senate and get bumped to the front of the line for a COVID-19 vaccine?

It certainly looks like it.

The Democrat from Pueblo is a paramedic, and got his first shot Monday as part of Phase 1A.

The only problem is, paramedics aren’t in the front of the line in Phase 1A.

Paramedics are first responders and will be vaccinated as part of Phase 1B along with other moderate-risk care workers and responders like firefighters, EMS, police, correctional workers and COVID-19 response personnel.

Unless Colorado moved on to another phase and didn’t bother to announce it, or if paramedics suddenly count as hospital or nursing home staff, Garcia got special treatment.

Garcia released a photo and statement on social media in which he describes himself as a front line worker.

“I continually feel humbled by my colleagues’ sacrifice, resiliency, and commitment. Shift after shift, surge after surge these brave men and women put their own health and safety at risk — submerged by the brutality of this illness every day. But with the new vaccine finally being distributed, we can finally rest assured that this harrowing time is almost over.”

We certainly are not belittling the work of first responders and the risks they are taking. After all, that’s why they are second in line for Phase 2.

But if Garcia used his position to get himself and his station in front of hospital and nursing home workers, he should be seriously ashamed of himself.