When the Democrat-controlled state legislature convenes the new session five weeks late, it ironically bumps up against the one-year anniversary when they fled the capitol and abdicated their representative role, allowing Gov. Polis to take authoritarian control.

Democrats have since allowed Polis to rule unchallenged and pass hundreds of emergency orders, which have closed businesses across the state and forced tens of thousands of Coloradans onto unemployment rolls.

Republican state Sen. Rob Woodward and state Rep. Rod Bockenfield tried to rein in Polis’s power binge during the special session earlier this month, but were blocked by Senate Democrats.

To mark Polis’s one-year dictatorship, Republican lawmakers should try again when they convene the new session to strip Polis of the emergency powers he so recklessly dispenses.

 If our elected lawmakers are not going to do the jobs they were elected to do and represent the residents of this state, then what good are they?

Democrats already permitted Polis to spend more than $1.6 billion in federal COVID aid without any legislative oversight.

With hundreds of millions more coming from the new COVID aid bill President Trump signed Sunday night, lawmakers need to ditch their five-week delay and get to work in January and do their jobs.