Coloradans under age 70 with severe health issues who are at risk of actually dying from COVID-19 are getting pushed back in the vaccine line because Gov. Polis has prioritized more important people than the sick and elderly to go next.

Who could be more important than senior citizens up to age 69 with cancer, heart conditions, and/or diabetes?

Journalists, that’s who.

The media, their camera operators, and presumably their armed security guards who work on the front lines covering Polis and issues important to Democrats are now ahead of the line of the sick and elderly.

Polis announced just prior to New Year’s Eve this whole new category of “frontline essential workers” are now queuing for vaccines along with health care workers, first responders and anyone older than 70.

The essential media cover the essential governor opening a box of vaccines that will go to them, but not to those at-risk of dying from COVID-19.

All of you old sick people with weakened immune systems who have been hiding at home for nearly a year will just have to tough it out.

Because everyone deemed essential in all branches of state government get to go ahead of you, too.

And the teachers union. A lot of parents probably consider teachers essential, but bumping up everyone considered essential in education, from the school board to the maintenance workers, still would not happen in time to open school this spring.

Who else gets a vaccine before the at-risk population? Pretty much everyone except the general population.

Here are the important people now, as Colorado transitions to Phase 1B:

“Frontline essential workers in education, food and agriculture, manufacturing, U.S. Postal Service, public transit and specialized transportation staff, grocery, and pubic health, and direct care providers for Coloradans experiencing homelessness.”


“Essential officials from executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.”


“Essential frontline journalists.”

This graphic was shared by Polis on Facebook:

Here’s who actually needed a vaccine before Democratic State Sen. President Leroy Garcia was busted Monday for skipping to the front of the line, so now suddenly everyone with lobbying power gets to go with him.

So if you’re 50 to 69 years old with chronic lung disease, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or cancer, you can get a vaccine later this spring if you live that long, or until supplies last.