Journalists became the news Wednesday when Gov. Polis decided the media were more important than Coloradans with underlying medical conditions who are at higher risk of severe illness, developing serious complications or even death due COVID-19.

The media joined a whole new class of FOPs (Friend of Polis) who are now next in line to get vaccinated against COVID-19, along with other special interest groups like state politicians, government workers, teacher unions and transit workers.

But every media webpage we checked, with the exception of ourselves and one other, were either negligent, too shy, or just plain embarrassed to report in the headline the favoritism shown to them by the governor and state they cover.

It’s funny how reporters brag they won’t let a politician or government employee buy them lunch or a beer, because that would be unethical and against their standards of conduct.

A conflict of interest, they call it. 

But give them a free vaccine ahead of sick people in the middle of a pandemic? 

Ethics fly right out the window.

Most media buried the news deep inside their reports.

The Colorado Sun is the only news outlet we found that reported on themselves in the headline. 

Here’s how Channel 7 in Denver ignored themselves:

“Journalists” are also missing from the headline on CBS news.

It didn’t seem important enough to disclose in the Denver Post headline, either.

No surprise, 9News didn’t bother mentioning it.


Colorado Politics totally skipped over it in the headline and buried the graphic with the new changes deep inside their story.

Westword was a huge disappointment. As usual.

Polis’s hometown paper, the Boulder Daily Camera, also kept themselves out of the headlines:

Peak Politics thought news of Polis’s change in policy was worth leading with in the headline.

Will the media be too embarrassed to flaunt their privilege and actually take the vaccines ahead of at-risk Coloradans?

We doubt it. They’ll probably cover their own inoculations and flaunt their new status in future news reports.