The Denver Post published a wildly one-sided and snotty report this week on Boulder County’s self-promotion to King of All Coloradans and its efforts to make Weld County do as Gov. Polis says.

After all, the report explains, Boulderites are in every way superior to those ignorant hayseeds who live next door.

The fifth paragraph sums up how the author views the two sides:

Boulder boasts one of the most highly educated populations in the nation; Weld boasts about its sugar beets, cattle and thousands of oil and gas wells. Summer in Boulder County means concerts featuring former members of the Grateful Dead; in Weld County it’s rodeo time. Boulder voted for Biden, Weld for Trump. Per capita income in Boulder is nearly 50% higher than in Weld.

The dispute began when Weld County commissioners said they would not send police into churches and businesses to enforce Polis’s random and ever-changing regulations on how businesses can barely operate if they want to remain barely open.

Boulder took it upon themselves to act as state enforcers and first threatened to prohibit their own hospitals from accepting dying patients from Weld County.

It appears Boulder County, ground zero for local control, has decided that means only their locals can control the lives of every other Coloradan because Boulderites are richer and smarter.

The article goes on to say:

Even their COVID outbreaks are different: In Boulder County, the virus swirls around the University of Colorado. In Weld County, some of the worst outbreaks have swept through meatpacking plants.

Wow. One would think the university’s intelligentsia would be too smart to catch the virus.