U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s team produced a sassy social media video defending the 2nd Amendment and the right to carry a gun in (gasp) Washington, D.C.

Boebert begins the video in a studio where she holsters her Glock and heads out the door. The scene cuts to her walking the streets of Capitol Hill, where members of Congress are permitted to carry guns.

But there is a scene where she’s walking through a nondescript alley that could be in the District, and there might be a gun tucked inside her jacket.

The video sent Beltway reporters to their fainting couches, clutching their pearls.

Once recovered, they narced her out to D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee III at a press conference, then wrote headlines like this one in the Denver Post insinuating the freshman congresswoman is in trouble with the law.

Washington, D.C., police chief says he will talk to Lauren Boebert about gun video

The chief isn’t going to just walk into her office and have a conversation with her.

He’s having someone in his office reach out to her office to explain the District of Columbia law for carrying a concealed firearm.

As if.

Her response to the chief’s comments are classic:

“I don’t know if he’s contacting each and every person to make sure that they’re following all the traffic laws. If I said I was coming to drive in Washington, D.C., maybe he’d need to call me and let me know exactly what their traffic laws are. To think that I’m ignorant of D.C. carry laws just because I said I will carry is a little absurd.”