Grandmas riding Rascals along with retirees and tens of thousands of Americans of all stripes marched to the Capitol Wednesday to support President Trump and vent some anger as Congress gathered inside to ratify the 2020 presidential election.

Boy will they be surprised when they get home and turn on the news.

It turns out many in the crowd were angrier than anyone expected, and behaved in an unthinkable manner for Republicans — they attacked police officers and rioted.

They broke through doors and windows like common antifa thugs and climbed into the People’s House to unleash fire extinguishers at police.

They tried to break down doors onto the House floor where the Joint Session of Congress was convened.


Numerous Police were reportedly injured.

A woman was reportedly shot and killed.

A protestor hung like a gorilla from the gallery above the U.S. Senate floor.

Protestors rifled through senators’ desks in the Senate Chambers like common thieves.

It was all so embarrassing.

And dangerous.

And some of it questionable.

Hours later as the National Guard and police moved in from neighboring states, Trump told the protestors to go home.

Colorado Republicans also condemned the violence.