Everyone’s favorite Socialist Denver Councilwoman is upset this week believing homeless people were mocked by Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, who lived on the freezing streets for a week as a homeless vet to study the issue and develop solutions.

How dare he understand the plight of fellow human beings?

Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca thinks Coffman is a disgusting human being for trying to help, because he bypassed paid advocates to get at the heart of the problem — homelessness is a dangerous, chosen lifestyle that’s dictated by drug use.

“Mayor Coffman’s stunt in the news recently was disgusting and disappointing,” she said. “It takes someone with privilege and centers them in a story to create an illusion of understanding.”


“The only solution to homelessness is housing and we’re going to have to realize that.”

Coffman said the growing problem is not about high rents or COVID. 

And if people are living on the streets in open air crack houses because they don’t want to work to get housing, then housing is probably not the solution. 

Coffman had the gall to be honest and say many people aren’t living on the streets due to a lack of shelter.

“It is a lifestyle choice. It is a very dangerous lifestyle choice,” Coffman said.

CdeBaca and other homeless advocates trashed Coffman in a press conference this week for daring to think outside the box.

They don’t need Coffman’s help. They said what they really need is a task force. Because nothing tackles a problem like good old fashioned bureaucracy.