So much for that $2,000 stimulus check Democrats promised us if they took full, unchecked control of Congress.

Leftists plan to kick off day one of Joe Biden’s Retaliation Healing Tour by bringing impeachment charges against President Trump in a futile effort to remove him from office before his term ends in nine days.

Colorado Republican U.S. Rep. Ken Buck has asked Biden to put a halt to his party’s actions.

Biden, meanwhile, has taken a firm position against commenting on Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi adding fuel to the fire of a politically divided nation.

Shouldn’t the Democrat-controlled Congress be focused on more immediate problems like the pandemic? Or should we not be worried about that anymore?

What happened last week at the Capitol is a scandal and those who broke the law should be punished. We won’t diminish what happened.

But impeaching Trump and attempts to remove him from office with less than two weeks to serve does nothing but fuel the frustration of more than 70 million voters and is the very opposite of healing.