Just when images of the militarization of our nation’s capital with tens of thousands of national guardsmen blocking miles of streets couldn’t get more disturbing, Gov. Polis had to insert himself into the dystopian drama.

Polis called it an honor in activating 200 members of Colorado’s National Guard for this photo op.

It was nice of the guard to give Polis a jacket to cover that ridiculous reddish orange brown polo shirt that miraculously matched his tennis shoes, because nothing signals the presence of a military commander like color-coordinated tennis shoes. 

We may mock their state leader, but we support our National Guard and wish them godspeed.

The odds are definitely in their favor, as an expected 25,000 members of the guard will be in D.C. to protect incoming President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the 1,000 people invited to attend their inauguration.

That’s right, 1,000, as opposed to the 200,000 we normally see at the event plus thousands more on the National Mall.

Biden is also urging those who normally flood the mall to watch presidential inaugurations to stay home.

The miles of streets normally blocked on inauguration day for the parade between the Capitol to the White House?

Those streets were blocked a week early, but there will be no parade this year.

So now the seat of government, what used to be the symbol of freedom worldwide, now feels like a war zone. 

The specter of hundreds of protestors pushing into the U.S. Capitol, some to do harm, others caught up in the moment, will continue to be used by the new Democrat-controlled government against the very Americans they swore to serve for weeks and months to come.

Our own military, 25,000 members, aren’t there to protect the inauguration, they’re being used to intimidate Americans from utilizing their right to assemble, free speech and petition government at a jaw-dropping cost of $35 million.

And the government doesn’t even trust our National Guard to keep them safe.

Those being deployed to D.C. are being vetted by the FBI to ensure they’re not a threat to our country.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses the troops dispatched to the U.S. Capitol.

Trump voters, including those who attended the rally on Jan. 6, have widely condemned the mobs who pushed their way into the Capitol, one of whom killed a police officer.

Trump has not called for a rally this week in Washington, it’s unlikely such a showing could reoccur without him. Even if supporters tried, social media has blocked them en masse from posting any events.

Our fear is we will still be writing about our guard troops stationed in Washington a month from now.

We hope we’re wrong.