Another wave of Democrats’ Green New Deal has officially crashed onto the Western Slope.

President Biden followed through on a campaign promise to halt fracking on federal lands with the announcement of a three month lease moratorium.

As we reported previously, studies show halting new energy leases on federal land will have a disastrous impact on western Colorado, eliminating nearly 3,000 jobs this year alone.

President & CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association Dan Haley detailed the broader consequences of Biden’s announcement:

Federal law requires the government to conduct periodic lease sales, so it will be interesting to see if Biden attempts to illegally extend the moratorium.

The Western Energy Alliance pledged to sue the Biden administration if they attempt to implement a longer term ban, which appears likely.

“If he makes good on a Biden ban, the alliance will be in court within hours,” Western Energy Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma threatened previously.

The outlook among Colorado’s allegedly moderate Democrat senators doesn’t inspire much confidence for energy workers.

“I don’t have a problem saying, ‘On public lands, we shouldn’t do any additional leasing,’” Colorado’s newly elected U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper told reporters last year.