Colorado agriculture leaders gathered in Yuma recently to bemoan the lack of respect and communication shown to the industry by the Polis administration.

The meeting, which was billed as the beginning of State Sen. Kerry Donovan’s two week agriculture listening tour, focused on the Polis administration’s rank indifference to production agriculture.

President-elect of the Colorado Livestock Association Ken Rogers sounded off on Gov. Polis and Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg for shutting out the industry from key decisions in state government.

Rogers, who is president-elect of the Colorado Livestock Association, said Greenberg has virtually shut out his organization.


“I’m frustrated with the lack of response, the lack of respect (from Greenberg’s office,)” Rogers said. “We used to have great communication with the commissioner, but now we’re shut out. We’ve always at least had a seat at the table. Now, we’re not even in the room.”

Donovan, who chairs the State Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy, admitted “she knows little of the massive farming and ranching operations that cover eastern Colorado and parts of the Western Slope.”

She also acknowledged the rest of Colorado Democrats in state government are completely clueless when it comes to production agriculture.

Donovan admitted there’s “no base knowledge” of production agriculture among ruling Democrats.


“I think I’m the only (Democrat) who could spot a posthole digger in the back of a pickup,” she said.

Donovan’s feigned concern for production agriculture is equal parts galling and ironic.

PeakNation™ might recall Donovan wholeheartedly endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president.

Warren fiercely championed the Green New Deal on the campaign trail, which called for reducing meat consumption by hiking taxes and ending subsidies for farmers who produce meat and dairy.

Estimates suggested those Green New Deal tax hikes would amount to $2000 per cow for farmers, producing a 30% increase in the cost of meat and dairy for consumers.

Donovan’s sudden concern for the welfare of farmers and ranchers is even more laughable when you consider this “listening tour” against the backdrop of her own political ambitions.

In recent days Donovan has openly floated a possible 2022 challenge to U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert in the 3rd Congressional District.

While it’s not clear what the Western Slope district will look like after redistricting, it’s sure to still include more than a few farmers and ranchers.

Keep that in mind as the rest of Donovan’s ag “listening tour” unfolds over the coming weeks.