Scott Gessler kept it simple and straight forward in announcing his bid for chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.

His top priority, remaking the GOP into a strong, conservative organization that can start winning elections, again.

How will the former Secretary of State and election law attorney do this?

“Doing the same thing over and over won’t make what’s happening go away. To win again, the Colorado Republican Party requires a new direction. It needs to be fearless. Unapologetic. Effective. Defeating the left-wing political/media/big tech matrix will be hard work. But we can do it — and put Colorado back on the path of freedom, prosperity, and justice.”

Also running to lead the party is current vice chair Kristi Burton Brown.

The Republican Party has had a hard time lately, to put it mildly. Outgoing chairman Ken Buck really has his hands full as one of the state’s few Republican reps in Congress.

What’s required of the new leader is total dedication and the ability to reunite party members so they can lick their wounds and jump back into the fray with renewed vigor and unwavering dedication to party principles.

County reorg is in February, the new party chairman will be elected during the central committee meetup in March.