Why is Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet suddenly so interested in creating a new state out of the District of Columbia and sponsoring a bill to make it so?

Because the city’s so liberal it guarantees two more Democrat senators and a Democrat congressional representative to solidify the left’s stranglehold on Congress.

We warned Coloradans that if they gave Democrats total control over the federal government in the 2020 election, they would use their power to eliminate or bypass the filibuster, add more seats to the Supreme Court … and … and …stack Congress with more Democrat seats by giving statehood to D.C. and other territories.

Here’s what we wrote in October:

Democrats aren’t looking to temporarily take control of the U.S. Senate. Their playbook, which they’ve not kept secret, is a permanent shift in power to one-party rule. 

Then Democrats would have a clear path to pursue statehood for DC, which the House passed in June. Chuck Schumer, who would lead Senate Democrats if they take the majority, also wants statehood for Puerto Rico.

That boosts the number of Senate seats to 104 and all four of the new senators would likely vote Democrat.

Now Bennet is one of the original sponsors of a new bill to make the Beltway swam the 51st state.

This is a clear case of “We Told You So.”

What we didn’t predict, is that Democrats would build a wall around the entire U.S. Capitol and White House corridor and use our own military as border guards to prevent Americans from exercising their constitutional rights to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Coloradans need to wake up and tell their lawmakers to cancel this unnerving power trip.

You can’t tell them in person anymore though.

You might try email.

Last time we checked, neither Big Tech nor the Democrats had closed off that avenue of communication.