Campaign consultant Jonathan Lockwood wants to be the next chairman of Colorado’s Republican Party.

The outspoken 32-year-old has already challenged fellow candidates to a virtual debate, which would undoubtably distinguish him as a Republican who isn’t afraid to support the other party’s candidate.

“The Colorado Republican Party chair race needs to be more than a Trump pageant,” Lockwood said in a statement.

“The party members and the public must know where chair candidates stand on things like QAnon, Marjorie Taylor Greene and sedition,” Lockwood said.

“Our next party chair needs to be able to categorically condemn these toxic elements of our party,” he said.

So there you have it.

That’s where Lockwood stands.

He didn’t come to this conclusion about the party post Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Lockwood publicly declared last year he would not support Trump’s reelection, and said this in an interview with Colorado Politics:

“The Republican Party today is not the Republican Party I signed up to work for,” Lockwood told Colorado Politics in an August interview. “You don’t even hear Republicans talk about small government anymore. That’s why I was a Republican. I guess I’ve always been more libertarian than authoritarian.”

It will be interesting to see if Colorado Republicans chooses a chair to cheer, or bash the party.

Also running for the state party leadership slot to replace outgoing chairman Ken Buck is Scott Gessler, former Secretary of State, and GOP co-chair Kristi Burton Brown.

The new chair will be elected at the party’s central committee meeting on March 27.