U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has shed his faux bipartisan fur in the new Democrat-controlled Senate and completely turned his back on Coloradans.

In a late-night voting session Thursday, the Coloradan flipped his former support of the Keystone pipeline and energy industry that employs more than 100,000 of his constituents.

Bennet joined with radical leftists and voted against an amendment recognizing the importance of the pipeline and our trading partnership with Canada.

We remember back in 2014 when Bennet was one of the key votes who approved the Keystone pipeline after years of delay by the Obama administration.

The result was more energy jobs for Colorado and America’s energy independence from the Middle East.

T.W. Arrighi, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, summed up Bennet’s back-stabbing best:

“The opening weeks of the Biden administration have been awful for hard-working Coloradans who work in the oil and gas industry, and it just got worse thanks to Sen. Michael Bennet.


“By voting against the Keystone XL Pipeline – in the middle of a pandemic, no less – Sen. Bennet has shown where his loyalties lie, and they aren’t with the people of Colorado. The threat of a primary challenge sure can make people do crazy things.”