Civilization has surely broken down when our teachers can’t even form an orderly line to get a vaccine without panicking and creating chaos.

Here’s what happened on Sunday, according to the Denver Post:

A COVID-19 vaccination event in Denver was overrun Saturday when Jeffco Public Schools alerted 14,000 employees that 200 extra doses of vaccine were available to those who could get to the National Western Complex within an hour.

The narrative is absurd, yet foreboding. 

Hundreds of teachers rushed to the vaccination event, they leapt from cars backed up to I-70 and rushed into the Humboldt Street building.

One man still in his bathrobe.

Some teachers tried to push ahead of those who were there for scheduled appointments.

James MacIndoe, a teacher at Standley Lake High School, described the whole scene as “post-apocalyptic.”

There are certain muscle memories every child in America develops from attending public schools. 

Duck to miss balls and other flying objects from bullies, and form orderly lines in the lunchroom, at the water fountain, and to exit the building in case of emergency.

Students learn by example, and the example set by Jeffco teachers on Sunday was to panic, act selfishly, and push to the front of the line.