So much for the Democrat Party’s promise to get the pandemic under control.

Now that liberals hold all the power in Washington and the federal government, it turns out they have more important matters to attend to like unity political retribution and impeaching former President Trump.

On the eve of her big debut as an impeachment manager, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette issued a missive to her constituents assuring them she would get right back to work after the dog-and-pony-show impeachment trial ends.

And to prove she’s concerned about the pandemic, DeGette will demand leaders from all the drug companies manufacturing vaccines stop what they’re doing and come to her hearing Feb. 23 to explain why they’re not working fast enough.

Considering the fact more than 59 million doses have been manufactured and distributed yet only 39 million doses have been administered, DeGette might need to instead investigate what’s causing the bottleneck after the doses leave the factory.

Meanwhile, DeGette should let the drug companies keep pumping out medicine instead of dropping what they’re doing to pander to her political whims.

She might also look into why it’s taking the Biden administration so long to hold FDA hearings to approve the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.