House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ducking the metal detectors she had installed at all entrances to the House chambers because once again the rules don’t apply to her.

Republicans Louie Gohmert of Texas and Andrew Clyde of Georgia have been hit with fines of $5,000 for bypassing the machines upon their return from bathroom breaks.

But when Pelosi bypasses the security systems she claims is vital to the safety of House members, she is not being fined.


Because only those reported by Capitol Hill Police are having to pay the price.

There’s really no reason for the metal detectors at the House chamber doors, as there are metal detectors at all entrances into the U.S. Capitol.

And now the Capitol is also surrounded by miles of fencing and razor wire, so it’s not like antifa, other dangerous marauders, or even the general public can get anywhere near their elected officials.

Pelosi’s security overload is all just Kabuki theater with a little extortion thrown in for kicks.

Maybe Republican members should sue Pelosi for trying to interfere with the business of Congress and blocking duly elected members from casting votes.