The teflon mayor skated away from the complaint he behaved in a manner contrary with the city’s code of ethics when he told employees and residents to stay home for Thanksgiving then hopped a plane south for the holiday.

Denver’s board of ethics ruled unanimously after a closed door meeting to dismiss the complaint filed by city resident Tonia Wilson, who said Hancock used his office for personal gain by using his security detail and transportation. 

Colorado Politics reports:

After inviting the mayor’s formal response and deliberating in closed session, the board agreed the police detail that accompanied Hancock to the airport would have occurred in any type of travel. That being the “weight of the evidence” before it, the board determined it had no jurisdiction over the issue.


“Time and again the Mayor makes ‘mistakes’ and apologizes – and moves on unscathed, leaving citizens feeling powerless,” Wilson said. “I am glad I spoke up and brought additional visibility to the hypocrisy of the Mayor’s actions and the privilege afforded those in positions of power.”

It’s good to be king.