The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee is usually dominated by discussions of importance to ranchers and industries like timber, oil, gas and mining.

Historically, the panel is dominated by western men and debate relating to regional issues like water, public lands, hunting, even guns.

But the new generation of Democrats legislating those issues took to their feinting couches this week when U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado’s Western Slope appeared via zoom for the first committee hearing with guns displayed behind her on a bookshelf.

After the smelling salts revived the sensitive souls of the leftists in charge, they mansplained to Boebert what an awful human being she was to have such weapons on display, even if her purpose was to illustrate her argument against banning members of Congress from carrying guns to protect themselves.

She said members should be allowed to carry guns given the threats reflected in the fencing and other security measures implemented since the violent insurrection attempt on Jan. 6.


“On Jan. 6 none of us were looking to our neighbors saying, ‘Gosh I hope there are enough metal detectors outside,’” Boebert said. “No, the speaker of the House was whisked away to safety while we were all left vulnerable and defenseless.”

The gun ban was adopted by the committee, and bars members from carrying their weapons when they enter the hearing room.

Democrat U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman of California lashed out at Boebert with this nasty insult:

“Here’s the reality — if somebody wants to have a shrine to their gun fetish as a Zoom backdrop in their private life, they can do that, but this is our hearing room,” Huffman said.

Also missing Boebert’s point completely was Colorado’s U.S. Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora, who Ernest Luning of Colorado Politics further mansplained to his readers, was a decorated Army Ranger, so it was okay for him to insult her.

Crow wasn’t actually at the hearing, but piled on afterwards tweeting a picture of a gun safe while ordering her to lock her weapons away because only the military on patrol in Afghanistan are allowed to carry guns in the U.S., or something.

But Boebert wasn’t storing her guns, she was displaying them for a hearing on gun restrictions … oh, nevermind.

Democrats won’t be happy until Boebert trades in her guns for a rape whistle so she can call for police a social worker after she’s been assaulted, or killed.