Fully injected with the COVID vaccine and secured behind facemaks in their plexiglass work stations, Colorado lawmakers returned to regular session last week concluding a nearly year-long surrender to Gov. Polis’s authoritarian rule.

The preliminary agenda of the Democrat-controlled legislature shows who’s in and who’s out in the restrictive new laws they’re proposing, which never seems to do much good for average Coloradans.

For example, recycling the dead bodies of human beings killed by COVID-19 is high on the agenda this session. 

It’s the after-death option for turning your bodily remains into soil, reports the Denver Post.

Most Coloradans probably hoped for pandemic-related legislation that would end Polis’s emergency powers he’s been using to randomly close businesses without due process or scientific evidence.

Lawmakers might also recognize the state’s failure to administer medicine in emergency situations, except to friends and family, and abandon further attempts at socialized medicine.

Protecting protestors from police is also now a priority, the Colorado Sun reports.

Democrats don’t want police breaking up Peaceful Protests™. They want officers to determine who the bad actors are among the angry mob and single them out for arrest. 

Police would also use their crystal balls or superior ESP powers to predict violence or property damage and only then stop it before it occurs.

Proving the absurdity of this idea, Denver School Board Member and professional rabble rouser Tay Anderson stumbled onto a valid question as to how the object of many Colorado protests —police — can make such predictions?

They can’t. Such stumbling blocks would probably get more people injured and property destroyed.

Finally, leftist lawmakers have deemed it necessary to protect themselves by making it a felony punishable by six years in prison plus half a million bucks in fines if Coloradans intimidate or threaten them.

So it’s okay for protesting anarchists to vandalize private property, threaten the public with weapons and assault police officers and bystanders — so long as it serves the Democrat Party’s purpose.

It’s one thing if lawmakers’ lives are legitimately being threatened — that’s already against the law and violators should be prosecuted.

But this proposed bill would unleash a chilling effect on free speech we fear would instead be used to protect the fragile feelings of leftist politicians.

No longer could voters pledge to fight like Hell to defeat lawmakers at election time, we’re betting.