Gov. Polis gives himself a big pat on the back for his autocratic rule, scaremongering and ability to blame others during Colorado’s year-long ordeal with COVID-19.

The hardest part was dealing with all those Coloradans who are flat Earthers and people who don’t live in reality, Polis told 5280 magazine in a wide-ranging interview of issues from fluff to insult.

Polis waxed on about his transparency and openness, calling himself a trusted messenger.

Like the time he gave Coloradans the choice between prison and death.

Or, when after months of ordering us how to live our lives and lose our businesses and jobs to keep the COVID away, Polis somehow contracted it himself but still refuses to divulge what rule he might have broken that made him vulnerable to the virus.

Asked about some of his biggest challenges in vaccine distribution, Polis said people who are eligible and want the vaccine are frustrated there is not enough supply.

Gov. Polis cuts in line of seniors wanting vaccines to get one for himself, after he already contracted and recovered from the virus.

Other take-aways from the article:

Colorado Governor Jared Polis remembers exactly how he felt when COVID-19 cases began popping up all over America last February. “It was just a feeling of dread,” he says. “We knew it was only a matter of time until it was here.”

Polis knew it was only a matter of time, weeks before the rest of us had any inkling, yet he couldn’t give Coloradans a little warning, to like, stock up on toilet paper or something?

Despite the negative effects that come from a yearlong pandemic, though, Polis remains optimistic about how Colorado will come out of it. “This past year we’ve been bruised, battered, and shaken to our core,” he said during his State of the State address on February 17. “But nevertheless the state of Colorado remains strong.”


If the state is strong, then why has Polis extended a State of Emergency 45 times in a row?

If the state is indeed strong and moved to recovery mode, then the emergency is over.