The so-called Equity Act passed the U.S. House today by a vote of 224 to 206.

Colorado’s Democrat delegation voted in favor of the measure, which seeks to rewrite the landmark 1964 Civil Rights act to include gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes.

Colorado’s Republican delegation voted against measure.

You know who else shouldn’t be discriminated against? 

Girls who are born girls, and who later in life wish to compete fairly with men other girls in sports for college scholarships.

That’s a good question. Where are all the feminists who fought so hard for women’s rights? 

Banging their heads against the glass ceiling demanding equal treatment with men, then giving men who identify as girls the advantage over them, one supposes. 

We support equal rights, but this legislation goes way too far and seems to care more about appeasing the woke left than true equality.

In other news, Mrs. Potato Head lost her job to Mr. Potato Head, who from now on will only identify as a potato head.