Democrats are threatening to kill the filibuster and give total partisan control without any checks or balances, now or in the future, to whichever party holds the simple majority in the Senate.

PeakNation™ will recall U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper refused to say during the campaign whether he would vote with Democrat leaders threatening to eliminate the filibuster if given control of the Senate. 

Hick said then he was optimistic Democrats and Republicans could, and would work in a bipartisan manner to solve major issues.

Just days after he was sworn in as senator, Hickenlooper was even bragging to the media about his inclusion in a bipartisan team of senators working with the White House to craft a COVID relief bill.

Fast forward weeks later, Republicans were unceremoniously shut out of all negotiations of this and numerous other critical legislation passing both the House and Senate.

Democrats have the gall to say there’s no sense in even trying to work with Republicans, as if Republicans are to blame for being completely shut out, and so they’re moving forward with plans to eliminate the filibuster. 

A few Democrats, all that’s needed, are hesitant to approve such a drastic action.

Like we said, it cuts both ways and would put Democrats in the dog house if Republicans take back control in next year’s election.

So where does Hickenlooper stand? He refused to commit either way during his campaign. 

We’re guessing the Democrat will come up with all kinds of excuses why the Senate needs to get rid of all those pesky checks and balances, and instead rule as a dictator party by eliminating the filibuster.