Congress has already passed the trillion dollar pork package they disguised as COVID relief and President Biden plans to sign it into law Friday.

Now that voters have no say in the matter, the Biden administration will spread the message of their boondoggle next week with a tour across America and showcase how adept Democrats are at spending our money.

Biden will make his usual photo op stop in Pennsylvania.

President-in-waiting Kamala Harris is set to appear in Denver on Tuesday to promote all the free stuff folks actually support, which amounts to about $800 billion of the $1.9 trillion package.

The U.S. House gave final congressional approval to the relief package along a near-party-line vote. Republicans opposed the legislation, characterizing it as bloated and crammed with liberal policies.

No details have been released as to where Harris and her husband will appear or how many members of Colorado’s Democrat Party’s ruling class will be permitted to attend the event — given Gov. Polis’s strict, yet random caps on attendance at large venues.

As Harris’s visit comes on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, it would probably be best if no one were allowed to attend, least it give folks the idea it’s okay to celebrate that boozy event in moderate to large numbers.

That should probably be the message of the vice president’s PR stunt highlighting COVID relief — don’t come to see her and create a super spreader event.