Timing is everything and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s is terrible.

The Colorado Democrat and failed presidential candidate is demanding free COVID-19 medical care for every illegal making a run for Biden’s open border bonanza.

Medicare already covers COVID-19 expenses and numerous insurance companies are waiving COVID-19 prevention and care costs.

In Colorado, illegal immigrants are not required to show ID to obtain vaccines.

With reports of a 6% positivity rate of COVID-19 among immigrants arriving at southern crossings, is now really the time for Bennet to announce more free stuff to add to the border bulge?

If Bennet just meant for those immigrants already here without legal citizenship to get free healthcare, perhaps he and other Democrats would be taking stronger measures to ensure immigrants crossing the border aren’t infected with the virus, like we’re doing with legal travelers. 

But just last week House Democrats blocked a bill requiring illegal immigrants to receive a negative COVID-19 test before being released into the U.S. 

The crisis at the southern crossing won’t ease up until Bennet and President Biden dial back on their open border rhetoric and promises of free stuff.

Elected officials spent the last year telling us economic shutdowns, people losing jobs and businesses, was necessary to keep virus numbers down so our hospitals and health officials were not overwhelmed with cases.

With COVID restrictions still bearing down on many U.S. states, it’s highly doubtful we’ve reached the point where we can take on the world’s patients as well as our own, especially for free.