Something rather amusing happened yesterday in Colorado’s left-wing blogosphere.

Liberal blogs Colorado Times Recorder and Colorado Pols both published a story on comments made by Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams earlier this week in which he called State Rep. Leslie Herod a “terrorist.”

Reams appeared to direct his ire at Herod over her role in crafting legislation last year that curtails law enforcement’s ability their ability to do their jobs.

“I guarantee you, Leslie Herod down at the state Capitol has made a name for herself. In my mind, she’s a terrorist. She’s a terrorist against the citizens of Colorado. Her record speaks volumes.


“If there’s anybody that you should have a reason to get out of office, it’s Leslie Herod because she is absolutely running bills to strip law enforcement from your daily lives to prevent law enforcement from protecting you. And she’s turning the state upside-down. She’s on record. How many others can we get on record and then who do we run against them? That’s the ultimate question.”

Colorado House Democrats promptly picked up the story, with members feverishly tweeting out condemnations of Sheriff Reams.

While Reams use of the term “terrorist” is debatably hyperbolic, Herod is one of the most extreme Democrats in the state legislature.

She has been incredibly hostile to law enforcement, as Reams noted, and has in no uncertain terms defended acts of violence by BLM rioters.

Last May, Herod told KNUS she was against incarcerating violent BLM rioters because jailing the offenders could inhibit “community healing.”

Besides, she argued, insurance companies will simply pick up the tab for small business owners that suffer destruction at the hands of looters and arsonists.

LESLIE HEROD: Are we talking about incarcerating thousands of people and having the taxpayers pay for that, knowing that the damages will be recouped by the private insurance companies? And not by those individuals because they won’t have the money to.


And we’ll end up paying for that as opposed to possibly finding a way for community healing, possibly finding a way to come together and say what is the right course to move forward. Incarceration is not going to change the anger and frustration, incarceration is not going to ensure that another protest and riots and demonstration that are happening right now don’t happen again.

In other words, Herod sounded perfectly fine with some people using violence to achieve a certain political objective.

If only there was a term for that…

But we digress.

Should the story have ended there, it would just be another day of standard Democrat hypocrisy.

However, it turns out certain Colorado Democrats have also called Republicans “terrorists” in recent times.

And by “certain Democrats,” we mean none other than Leslie Herod herself and Senate President Leroy Garcia.

Herod called former President Trump a “terrorist” after his administration lawfully executed ICE raids in August 2019 against companies that knowingly hired workers who were in the country illegally.

Garcia meanwhile told the Denver Post in November he believed Republican lawmakers were “terrorists” simply because a few objected to Democrats’ overwrought mask shaming at the state capitol.

Herod was questioned about her hypocritical attacks on Trump by Colorado Politics and actually argued her use of the term was not comparable.

Asked about her use of the term directed at Trump, Herod told Colorado Politics she stood by her previous comments.


“I think it’s very different to make a statement like that versus to be a law enforcement officer talking to a group of anti-government folks who are asking to take the law into their own hands, to publicly name me and call me out as someone who is a terrorist,” she said.

We’d say this is hypocritical, but that doesn’t even come close to describing Democrats’ epic self-own here.

Herod made a complete fool out of herself even trying to suggest there was anything different about her use of the term “terrorist” to describe Trump.

If anything, Herod’s insult was far more alarming considering it was directed at the then-president of the United States for simply enforcing basic immigration law.

Democrats who think this embarrassing “controversy” somehow helps their cause are kidding themselves.

So long as Herod and Garcia refuse to apologize for slandering their political opponents as terrorists, Democrats have absolutely zero standing to complain about anything Sheriff Reams says.