Denver School Board member Tay Anderson denied sexual assault claims levied by BLM5280 in a press conference Sunday, and said he will cooperate with any investigation should one commence.

Anderson sought to portray himself as a victim in similar fashion to New York Gov. Cuomo, who in recent weeks also emotionally refuted multiple allegations of harassment and misconduct.

BLM5280 said more women have came forward alleging sexual assault after they sent out their initial press release.

BLM5280 said more alleged victims came forward after the organization released a statement about an anonymous woman’s sexual-assault allegation against Anderson. Anderson said neither the organization nor a victim has contacted him about the claims.

It appears no reports have been filed with Denver police, and no official investigation has been launched.

“Until I and the broader community have more comprehensive information, I cannot take the actions requested in the BLM5280 statement or address conduct I have no knowledge of,” Anderson said.