U.S. Rep. Jason Crow is headed to the southern borderlands Monday to tour overcrowded facilities for migrant children that independent inspectors report are severely overcrowded, unsafe environments where social distancing is functionally impossible amidst an ongoing pandemic.

PeakNation™ will recall Crow’s outrage in 2019 during the Trump administration when a few cases of the mumps and chicken pox had the congressman pounding at the front door of the immigration detention center in Aurora demanding access and media tours, writing letters and legislation.

We can only imagine how horrified and angry Crow will be at the Biden administration for allowing such atrocities and inhumane treatment of these children who are being dragged to the border to detract attention away from other drug cartel activities in the area.

Young children are dropped over the boarder from atop a 14 foot wall.

We look forward to Crow’s many press conferences demanding the Biden administration fix the flaws in their new policy that encourages this reckless run to the border and the detention of 18,000 kids and teens in cages.