The COVID-19 pandemic will be long gone by July 13 because the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is coming to Coors Field in Denver, declared Gov. Polis, who predicts all seats will be filled by live fans. 

Currently, only a limited number of fans can attend Rockies games, but Polis said Tuesday they expect a “sold out” game in July because by then, anyone who wants a COVID-19 will have been able to get one.


“Every American who wants to be vaccinated will be able to get it by the end of May, which means immunity by mid-June, so there’s no concerns from that front,” Poils said. “I think everybody expects a fully packed sell-out stadium in July, and that’s going to be good for Major League Baseball, good for Colorado and an exciting experience for fans.”

With mask mandates falling to the wayside and herd immunity just weeks away, it’s time for Polis to surrender his dictatorship and cancel the year-long state of emergency and his unchecked authoritarian rule.

As Tom Hanks sort of declared, “There’s no state of emergency in baseball!”

If there’s no concern about 50,000 people in the “full packed sell-out stadium,” then surely the emergency has ended? 

Ditch the declaration, Polis. You’ve abused it long enough.