President Joe Biden announced new gun control executive orders this week including one addressing the weapon used in the Boulder tragedy in which Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa is accused of killing 10 people including a police officer 

The Colorado media gave U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse a lot of credit, even though Biden gave him none, for the idea of cracking down on such weapons by charging a $200 federal fee to all owners of stabilizing braces used on firearms to improve accuracy. 

A stabilizing brace was part of the weapon used by Al-Issa.

From Biden’s announcement:

A third change: We want to treat pistols modified with stabilizing braces with the seriousness they deserve.  A stabilizing brace — you’re going to (inaudible) — essentially, it makes that pistol a hell of a lot more accurate and a mini-rifle.  As a result, it’s more lethal, effectively turning into a short-barreled rifle.  That’s what the alleged shooter in Boulder appears to have done.


I want to be clear that these modifications to firearms that make them more lethal should be subject to the National Firearms Act.  The National Firearms Act requires that a potential owner pay a $200 fee and submit their name and other identifying information to the Justice Department, just as they would if they went out and purchased a silencer for a gun.

And to ensure that $200 is collected and a license issued to every owner of a stabling brace, Biden announced he will nominate David Chipman to lead the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency (ATF).

Or as Biden called it and the official transcript even reflects, the AFT.

The AFT is actually the American Federation of Teachers, but Biden probably thinks it will scare future gun owners from purchasing a stabilizing brace if the teachers’ union is in charge of shaking down consumers for the $200 fee.